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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Beep Beep, Beep Beep, YAH!

For the past few weeks I have wanted to post a topic into my blog. I had no idea what to write. I have been very diligent in my "Friend of the Week" post, but other topics have alluded me. However, I finally realized there is something I could post. It’s time to ask for assistance.

I am looking a purchasing a car… there I said it. Now before you start thinking of all the ways you could talk me into buying some pile of junk you have out back know that I pass on junk piles all year long at auctions. What I would like to know is WHERE should I look for a car? Is there a place you swear by? A website you can’t live without? Maybe there’s a dealer out there you actually trust.

All I need is a lead. I am in no rush on finding a car, but I do have a somewhat limited budget, so new is out of the question.

Of course this post may garner no responses… which is fine I can always find a car, but I thought everyone else might have some good suggestions.


Heading Lyrics – Baby You can Drive my Car, by The Beatles


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