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Friday, September 29, 2006

They're goin' North, the Rush is on

Alright, I had to get this post in before the end of the month so that I don’t look like I have TOTALLY neglected this little journal. (Seeing as how I don’t think anyone reads this however it is hard to motivate myself.)

One of the major reasons that I have not been in contact recently was once again due to my day job. I have been extremely busy for the past month preparing for and attending our most recent company conference. However, unlike past events this was a full week long, and it was held on a boat. To be more accurate it was a ship. Our top sales men/women and a select few of the home office team traveled up north on a cruise I won’t soon forget.

Alaska is breathtakingly beautiful and I really feel honored that I was asked to come along. Sure we had to work while on the cruise, but on a whole we still found time to enjoy our time away. As for the “cruise” portion of the excursion… I have never experienced a time where I was waited on more than on that ship. It was an odd experience that really helped me recognize how lucky I am to have a job and life that allows me to experience life in a way I would have never planned for.

Heading lyrics – North to Alaska by Johnny Horton