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Friday, October 06, 2006

I Breathed the Mountain Air Man

I am really looking forward to this weekend. Not because I am going anywhere special or doing anything fun, but because I FINALLY know what’s going to happen. (Alright, I am getting a little ahead of myself, let me start at the beginning.)

Monday – My boss’s assistant came to my office and told me that I need to fly to Detroit with my boss this weekend or to Denver next weekend for training. (At this point in the week I have NO idea what training I need.) I told her that I couldn’t go to Denver because of a very large auction my father is doing, and that he needs my assistance.

Tuesday – My boss’s assistant returns to tell me that tickets for Detroit are $1,100.00 because there are only 3 seats on the flight remaining. (Didn’t know Detroit was such a vacation destination.)

Wednesday – I finally have a chance to ask my boss about the expense and he definitely thinks it’s alright to pass on this training opportunity. (I now find out that I am supposed to learn how to train our members on our compensation plan.)

Thursday – When I see my boss he mentions that I should plan on setting aside a weekend in November for training in Sacramento. (Sounds much warmer if you ask me.)

Friday – I speak with my boss’s assistant again and realize there was a mistake made with the Denver weekend. NOW it looks like I will be spending a few days in Colorado later this month. (I would rather be in Denver than Detroit anyway… maybe I can hitch a ride down to Colorado Springs while I’m at it…)

Anyway, it looks like I will be working an auction way up north tomorrow and I’m happy about that since I wouldn’t have been paid any overtime for flying to Detroit. Well I better get going before my story changes again.

Editor’s Note:
I just realized this wasn’t a very good story, but hey, at least I got 2 entrees done in 1 week.

Heading lyrics – I Been Everywhere by Johnny Cash

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Don't Miss the Deadline

In the past I have mentioned my girl friend Jessica. Today I am dedicating this post to both her and the entire group of second year PhD students that turned in the written yesterday.

For those of you who don’t speak PhD, the “written” is roughly equivalent to a grad student’s thesis. However, the written is surpassed only be the “Oral” which happens in the spring and is like standing in front of a highly educated firing squad as they fire off round after round of questions to see if they can kill your future in the PhD program.

Last night we raised many a glass in a triumphant toast to the completion of one more step on their journey toward becoming PhD tote’n members of society. I know this was a great deal of work so I just wanna say… I am proud of you Jess, way to go!

Editors note: Yes I will go back to my usual sarcastic banter soon, sorry for those of you who happened upon this odd moment of genuine emotion. I will do my best to suppress that inclination in the future.

Heading lyrics – Deadline by Blue Oyster Cult (It’s no “Don’t Fear the Reaper” but it does have to do with the topic at hand.)