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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

I Believe in Yesterday: Recap 2

(We now join January’s recap, already in progress.)

January Recap Part 2:
When I decided to be a graphic designer I did it because I wanted to work with art (which I enjoy) but still have a job (which was rather presumptuous of me.) So when I got this job I was happy to have one (and still am for that matter.)

Each year the company I work for puts on multiple conferences. We have 6 regional conferences and 2 national ones. For the past 4 odd weeks we have been doing all we could to pull of our largest one of the year. This time around it was held in Daytona Beach, Florida. This may seem like a good time to those of you who still read this blog, but I beg to differ. Rally time is a high stress period of time that is highlighted by long hours, neglected meals and crushed spirits. In a word… it is hell.

I will keep this entry short, but I just want to send out a warning any future graphic designers… I became a designer to have fun… I was wrong.

(Heading lyrics – Yesterday by the Beatles)

Monday, January 30, 2006

I Believe in Yesterday, Recap 1

I know that when I posted my last Blog entry I should have mentioned that I would be overly busy during the month of January. So… after some prodding I thought I would try to take January on in a couple of installments. (Here it goes)

January Recap Part 1:
A few weeks back we had an annual event that I really enjoy. Yes,.. it was the Minnesota State Auctioneer’s Association Conference & Show. This year it was held in Minneapolis, which worked out great for me since I am currently working in the metro area. This 3 day conference has been a great chance for me to compete in a number auction related competitions.

First, the rookie bid-calling contest. In this contest I compete against 8 other auctioneers (who have been in the business 2 years or less) and we each sell 3 items. We are judged on our chant, and over all composure. Last year I was happy with how I did and this year was no different. I think I was able to go up on stage and do the very best I could. However, there was at least 1 person who did better and he was given the award of “Rookie Champion Auctioneer.” I am not bitter though cause he certainly deserved the award.

The second competition was the marketing contest. This is the area I really strive for excellence. I am sure it has to do a great deal with my degree in graphic design and knowledge of auction advertising. This year we entered 6 categories and as the award luncheon went on we were greeted with 4 awards. We received one 2nd place for magazine advertisements and three 1st place awards for – 4 color Real Estate & Personal Property, 2 Color Real Estate and personal property, and Business promotional pieces. As the day went on I was excited for the banquet in the evening. The winner of “Best in Show” would be crowned and I knew we had 3 outstanding pieces in the competition. At the dinner the chair of the contest committee stood up and began his speech. (I am paraphrasing, but this is pretty much what I heard):

“Ladies and Gentlemen, websites have grown into huge marketing piece for auctioneers with sites over 100 pages, our judges poured over hours and hours of entries. BUT, a website didn’t win.” (At this point I was puzzled how he was going to announce the winner.) He went on, “Full color promotional brochures that promote ourselves to our prospective clients have always been an area of great competition in this contest. BUT, a promotional brochure did not win.” (Okay so now I was really starting to see what he was doing… and frankly I didn’t know if I could take the stress.) He went on to eliminate the categories of clothing, signage, magazine advertising. Finally he eliminated one more category, “4-color auction brochures have been the staple of our best marketing effort with more money spent on their production than any other type of material… BUT, a 4-color brochure did not win this year. In fact this year’s judges chose a 2-color Real Estate and Personal property sale bill that stood above all the rest. Please help me welcome BLACK DIAMOND AUCTIONS to the stage, the winners of this years BEST IN SHOW!” (I know it sounds sappy, but I was almost in tears I was so excited. To be recognized by the very people I have looked up to for so long was truly an honor.)

The rest of the weekend was blur as I look back. I really am excited for what the future will hold and the contests we will take part in on the national stage this summer.

(Heading lyrics – Yesterday by The Beatles)